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As we know, Chennai is the largest Industrial and commercial hub of the South. With booming Industries like Automobiles, Electronics, Software, Pharma sector there is an ever-growing need for Industrial Shed for Rent in Chennai and neighboring areas.

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AllWarehouses deals with warehouses size of above 10,000 square feet in Chennai, Get the Advantage of Having Tons of Warehousing options By Opting for the best Warehouse for Rent in Chennai
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Industrial real estate includes renting of warehousing sheds, godowns, factory (industrial) sheds, temperature controlled (cold storage) sheds  and industrial land. Chennai is traditionally a manufacturing hub from the days of the British era and is an important hub for trade since the 1800s with the port being the prime reason for international trade. Since then the requirement for storage space has been there and areas closer to the port in North Chennai developed well and fast. 
There are several sheds for rent in Chennai with over 1500 vacant ones seen on and the same are available with varied specifications from low to high ceiling heights, made with ACC roofing. metal sheets and roofing and RCC buildings as well. They are available from budgets of Rs 9/ sft to Rs 30/ sft . They are available across the city in multiple zones being North, West and South Chennai 

These sheds have varied materials stored in them – perishable commodities and medical supplies require temperature controlled spaces while others require sheds for rent in Chennai with varied height, floor strength, parking requirements, racking and stacking facilities, loading and unloading bays, parking spaces etc. Manufacturing sheds for rent in Chennai require toilets for blue and white collar male and female workers with changing rooms, office facilities with view of the shop floor, waiting areas, meeting rooms and conference rooms, resting rooms, first aid rooms, EB room, canteen, dining areas, kitchen space etc.


All Warehouses has most of the inventory available in Chennai in factory/ industrial/ manufacturing sheds and is in the business for 16 years having acquired industrial land for several clients With a very strong network, all renowned names in the Industrial space are connected to All Warehouses. This helps us get first information on the availability of any Industrial shed for Rent in and around Chennai. We have helped our innumerable clients get the right Factory Shed for Rent in Chennai at following areas:

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Apart from the above, we cater to the Industrial shed needs in Chennai’s neighboring cities like Trichy, Madurai, Coimbatore, Tirupur, Salem, Tirunelveli, Pondicherry and Tirupati etc.  

All Warehouses offers Factory Shed for Rent at below Locations

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Let me answer this very simplistically rather than statically:

1. Being in the business of renting out warehouses, barring 2020 (obviously due to Covid-19) the demand for space, the number of enquiries for Industrial shed for rent in Chennai, the number of inspections and the number of deal closures have been increasing by over 30% year on year

2. The start of 2021 has seen a shift in global manufacturing investments in 2021, Tamilnadu has greatly benefitted from the same and more so Chennai in term of automotive. One example is Daicel’s large investment in a slow down sector. There is large demand from other sectors like electronics, batteries, metro rail rakes, earth moving machinery, capital goods and e-commerce as well

3. The rentals have corrected 15% post Covid-19 and land values by 30% which makes the investment in warehousing in Chennai even more lucrative.

4. The state government is more proactive and with the election round the corner, the speed of work and ease of doing business have greatly improved. Chennai is by far the largest Urban center in TN and will continue to grow and so will the demand for sheds – warehousing and manufacturing. The demand for Industrial park in Chennai is on the rise

5. In 1 line, the future is bright and excellent for warehousing in Chennai with great connectivity through road, rail, air and sea will continue to flourish and do well in warehousing and industrial real estate ahead


If you are looking for an Industrial Shed for Rent in Chennai or places other than these, get in touch with our Team of experts.

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