With the MIDC promoting large scale manufacturing in Pune, heavy engineering, automobile, IT, and other sectors are fast booming in Pune. The demand for equipped warehouse in pune is swiftly increasing due to the aforesaid reason. 

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Warehouse for rent in Mappedu

The second-largest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai, Pune is known for its cultural activities such as spirituality, classical music, literature, theatre, and sports. Pune was once the hometown of the Marathas and also some of the edifices in Pune links to the rich and glorious past.

With the availability of land at reasonable prices, skilled labor, good weather, and a conducive business environment, Pune is doing well to grow and encourage demand for industrial real estate

As a combined portfolio for Pune location, we deal in:

We have expert Warehousing knowledge and can provide a warehouse in Pune in the following areas:

We also cater to the below destinations through our Pune office.

Why Choose All Warehouses for finding a “Warehouse in Pune”?

We provide an ample range of warehouse options at low costs, at same time ensuring high standards. We guarantee stable pricing despite any demand trends in future. All Warehouses stick with the agenda of reasonable price fixation.

We specialise in Cold Storage Warehouse in Pune. A cold storage Warehouse is a low temperature facility that protects perishable and sensitive food items. We ensure accurate temperature 24X7 all 365 days.

We also provide Labour contractors. We ensure adequate labor services against labor constraints. Our warehouse team analyses the need & arranges skilled Labour for the process. We strive to work to meet the growing demands of this ever-changing industry.

Our warehouses are designed to provide necessary parking facilities and proper spacing are ensured around the buildings for ease of business. We make sure that the clients have full access to the warehouse without any compromises in operating efficiency.

Efficiency in warehouse storage is promised to keep the stocks organized without compromising productivity. Our team guides you in determining how space can be utilized to the fullest with due respect to clear stacking height, column spacing, etc.


We work on client centric approaches by understanding Client’s requirements, and figure out what the client really wants. We also offer proactive customer service and provide multi-channel support to clients.

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All Warehouses by Chattels Realty is a team of professional people who provide professional service.


Very Professional property consultants, we had approached them for our requirement and they got it done with ease.


Very professional and committed team. Would recommend them without hesitation


We are extremely satisfied in the manner in which you have taken care of the legal and statutory work and in identifying the most suitable site for our production operations.


Very very professional approach.  Will stay with you till the last job is completed.  Never experienced anyone providing better services. Thanks AllWarehouses by Chattels Realty

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