Industrial Areas In Chennai
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Industrial Areas In Chennai

Industrial Areas In Chennai

Before studying in-depth about the Industrial areas in Chennai, let’s quickly go through what makes Chennai an Important destination for Industries.

Chennai is having a large number of Industrial parks that are rapidly expanding and on the other end there is an increasing demand for Warehouses for rent in Chennai. The proactive Government of Tamil Nadu is causing the city to flourish at a quicker rate.

Chennai is a great New Zealand industry destination for online casino players to visit. In Chennai, there are many industrial zones worth visiting, in addition, there are many premises and establishments where gamers can get online pokies to play for real money. Also in Chennai, Amazon is planning to purchase warehouse space for rent, and online casino players can now place orders for their favorite products.

While Amazon this year plans to acquire over a million square feet of warehouse for rent in Chennai to establish what it calls fulfillment centers and even Flipkart is looking at a large industrial spaces at main industrial areas in Chennai.

Chennai has been known for manufacturing since the British era Chennai has been a top manufacturing destination in India.

  • The city has access to the port – Chennai & Kattupalli port
  • The city has excellent talent and skilled and unskilled labour
  • The city has good infrastructure and is less crowded (traffic) and lower in population density
  • The city has been known for its education & engineering colleges
  • The city is conservative with low cost of living
  • The city is located well with good access across South India
  • The city always had an international airport
  • The city has government support – all departments are proactive towards industry
  • All infrastructure required for industrial manufacturing is readily available: power, water, approvals, roads and other infrastructure

Warehouse and industrial space may be utilized for a variety of purposes, such as storage, manufacturing, and distribution. Each Industrial area in Chennai has its own set of criteria and duties, so to lease a warehouse for rent in Chennai, one should be clear regarding his needs and requirements before leasing.

Before exploring the industrial areas of Chennai in detail, online casino players need to find out what makes Chennai an important place for industry. Chennai has a large number of industrial parks that are rapidly expanding, and on the other hand, there is a growing demand for warehouse rental in Chennai, it will also be useful to know Is smoking a risk factor for autoimmune diseases? While Amazon plans to lease over a million square feet of warehouse space in Chennai this year to create what it calls fulfillment centers, many online casino players are looking at large industrial areas in Chennai’s main industrial areas.
Industrial Areas in Chennai can be divided into 4 zones: North Chennai, West Chennai, South West and South Chennai.

Zone 1: North Chennai

The Industrial areas in Chennai (North) comprises of Industries and business dependent and catering to the Ports or Sri City or need to transport goods to/ from North India and closer to city areas like Madhavaram going up to Sri City in Tada, Andhra Pradesh. The viable locations in this zone to build a shed are – 10 km around Red Hills, Periyapalayam and straight away in and around Sri City as these are the main demand centres in North Chennai catering to the railroad movement from North India and also the Chennai port

North Chennai can be further divided into: 

  • Madhavaram cluster that includes Red Hills and Cholavaram
  • Ambattur and Padi cluster that extends until Avadi
  • Manali cluster that extends up to Ennore port on the inner side of the ring road
  • Alamathy and Koduvalli cluster that mover towards Tamaraipakkam and Thiruvallur
  • Periyapalayam cluster that starts at Kardodai and moves towards Thervoy Kandigai
  • Gummudipoondi cluster
  • Tada and Sricity cluster

Zone 2: West Chennai

The Industrial areas in Chennai (North) starts from Poonamallee to Sriperumbudur across Irrungattukottai, Mannur – Sengadu, Mappedu & Pillaipakkam catering to Automotive, electronics, wind turbines, engineering companies, and e-commerce as Poonamallee is centrally located and best-connected is better for manufacturing, focused and can supply to the entire Chennai city.

West Chennai clusters include:

  • Maduyavoyal, Noombal and Poonamallee cluster
  • Thirumazhisai cluster that includes Goodapakkam, Kuthambakkam, Tandalam
  • Irrungattukottai cluster that includes Pillaipakkam and Mevaloor kuppam
  • Mannur cluster that includes Sengadu, Polivakkam, Valarapuram, Mappedu etc
  • Sriperumbudur cluster that includes Araneri, Pondur, Mambakkam, Sunguvarchatram and beyond

Zone 3: South West Chennai

The Industrial areas in Chennai (West) are known as the Oragadam cluster that includes Wallajabad, Vallam – Vadagal, Pondur – Araneri. This is also the location that has the highest rentals and also the highest upcoming supply. South West Chennai is one of the most sought Industrial area in Chennai catering primarily to automotive and wind energy.

The clusters here are:

  • Oragadam cluster that included vallam, vadagal, ezhichoor
  • Padappai cluster that includes locations from Tambaram to oragadam
  • Wallajabad cluster

Zone 4: South Chennai

The Industrial areas in Chennai (South) start from Guindy to Chengalpet via Pallavaram, Tambaram, Vandalur, Guduvanchery, Marai Malainagar & Singaperumal Koil – this again is a manufacturing zone as public transport by local trains etc makes commuting easy for labourers and workers. Best connected for e-commerce, manufacturing, supply to rest of Tamilnadu and Kerala.

The clusters in South Chennai are:

  • Tambaram cluster  that includes MEPZ, Pallavaram and Thirumudivakkam
  • Vandalur and Guduvanchery cluster
  • Maraimalai nagar and Singaperumal koil cluster
  • Mahindra city and Chengalpet cluster

Before looking out for a warehouse for rent in Chennai in the main industrial areas we should understand the cost of the warehouse which determines the monthly rental quite clearly as the Return on Investment should preferably be larger than the PLR – Prime lending rate.

All Warehouses will guide you on the best location for your space and the best cluster and property for your specific requirements 

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